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We are a co-agency for creatives,
delivering exceptional design leadership and ideation.

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Whether you are a creative agency, an independent research group or a development firm, our multidisciplinary team is at your disposal.

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The New Yorker Partnership (co-Agency)

  • - Designed for Agencies, Firms, and Marketing Groups.
  • - Best for Long-term relationship, with an agile scope.
  • - Participation in discovery and ideation.
  • - In-person sessions access to multidisciplinary team.
  • - Intellectual property hand-off.
  • - Confidential collaboration.

The Digital Partnership (Ad hoc)

  • - Specifically curated for developers & designers.
  • - Best for Short-term assignments, with a predefined scope.
  • - Access to multidisciplinary team.
  • - Collaborative management, shared success.
  • - Fixed budget, milestone driven invoicing.
  • - Project to project contractual agreements
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*The New Yorker Partnership is Restricted to the continental United States.

Interaction Design
  • Wireframing
  • User Interface Design
  • Custom Icon Design
  • UI for Touch Devices
  • Mobile & Tablet
  • Mobile & Web Applications
  • Web Development
  • HTML5 & CSS3 Compliance
  • WordPress Integration
  • Concrete 5 Integration
Business & Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • Digital Roadmaps
  • Business Development.
  • Use Case & Persona Driven Design.
  • In-Person meetings & collaboration.
Mike Gonzalez
Mike Gonzalez

Founder & CEO

Stephanie Lynn
Stephanie Lynn

Co-founder & Human Resources

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We're Hiring

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