Savant is a luxury home automation platform, providing hardware and software from which the most sophisticated homes are controlled and managed. Their creative team recently rolled out a new visual design language for Savant Pro which is a luxury, whole-home portable system, which is customized for the way you live. With great success, it was time to update the user interface for the integrated wall mount edition of their product offering “True Control II.”

The Challenge

The system had some challenges as to what could change, however we found opportunities within each control screen to take better advantage of common mobile design principles, providing a better user experience.

– Andy Hamm, Savant Systems

Design Outcome

The interface consisted of custom iPhone and iPad Retina layouts for the Entertainment, Climate Security and Lighting & Environment features. Together with Savant perfect designed custom icons and feature specific layouts that took into consideration the design constraints of the system.

The creative team at Perfect worked closely with the engineering and creative team at Savant to transform the interface in less than 90 days. It was a creative engagement that had great synergy. Savant demonstrated a sneak peak of the new user interface to a group of over 600 home-tech integrators at an expo late February and it was very well received.

Not only were we able to create a visual design language that would delight Savant’s core user, but we were able to bring the platform’s user-interface and the user-experience to the next level.

– Chelsey Gloetzner, Lead UI/UX Designer, PerfectHQ

This was a very welcome update that our integrator base is very excited about.

– Andy Hamm, Savant Systems


It was a joy working with the creative team at Savant, and we look forward to more collaboration in the future. We believe that all technology should exceed expectations and bring delight to every day life. We help brands remove the frustration from technology through good design.  If you are planning an update to your existing technology or launching something new, give us a shout!