“As a founder of a global design firm, I love slack because it keeps our team’s culture strong. Slack has removed the time consuming barriers of traditional written communication, and made it fun and effective.”


– Mike Gonzalez, Founder of Perfect

Perfect is a global design and technology firm. We partner with companies to design great experiences. To operate a global design firm, we’ve built a distributed workforce. We operate in almost every time zone in the United States, Great Britain and Europe. Staying on top of the day to day activity in a remote setting can be difficult. Many studios in our line of work force their employees to be in the same room. We use Slack. Here are five reasons why.

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1. Slack is designed for remote collaboration:

“…the activity on Slack throughout the day makes me feel like we’re all in the same place.”

“I feel like everyone on my team is automatically ‘a friend.’ An instant contact added to my sidebar. Communicating with my team doesn’t quite feel like work; it feels like everyday normal conversation. When work is the focus, communication doesn’t need to get in the way. Slack is that seamless medium. Working remotely from my entire team, the activity on Slack throughout the day makes me feel like we’re all in the same place.”


– David, Motion UX Designer at Perfect

“As a bi-vocational developer, being a part of a creative team like Perfect has its challenges. Then add into the mix that the entire team works remotely and across multiple timezones… the chaos ensues. Email has been the go to communication solution for many years. I had a hacked together workflow that was a vain attempt to control the crazy and communicate effectively, but it was just that – an attempt. The implementation of Slack allows me to connect remotely across multiple platforms no matter where I happen to be or what I happen to be doing.

– Ryan, Senior Developer

2. Slack has powerful search & third-party Integrations.

“…Slack’s powerful search and commenting features make sharing files a delight.”

“Slack makes it incredibly easy to stay on top of all communication that happens within our team without filling up my email inbox. It enables our team to work seamlessly together from all over the world, without making anyone feel left out, as conversations stay alive across multiple time zones. When it comes to actual work, Slack’s powerful search and commenting features make sharing files, receiving feedback, and finding that one message from months ago a delight.”


– Janik, Senior UI/UX Designer at Perfect

“What I also like about Slack is sharing files and easy integration with other services like dropbox. Overall Slack provides a seamless experience and I like how it keeps the team connected.”


– Manuel, Icon Designer at Perfect

3. Slack makes it easy to manage projects. 

“…we use it literally 24/7.”

“I first began using Slack late last year when I joined the Perfect team.  We work remotely across the world, so Slack serves as our primary communication method and we use it literally 24/7.  We use it to introduce and welcome new team members and to share and collaborate on ideas, projects and common interests.  What I love most about Slack is the ability to communicate to everyone via a channel, around a specific endeavor using private groups and directly with each team member.  This allows the right people to be part of the conversation and keeps other team members from having to read and sift through communications that don’t apply to them.  The assisted search and jump to features are great as well as our team and Slack thread count continues to grow and these features make it easy to find and navigate back to information that I need.”


– Laticia, VP of Operations at Perfect

4. Slack keeps us social. 

At Perfect we have our client specific channels, but we also have some social channels like #design#phqlife and #movies-tv where we discuss non-client related things. It’s great to be connected to the team in this way since most of the things we talk about in these channels we wouldn’t want to send over email clogging up inboxes. It’s like we’re all in the same office and can talk about things spontaneously as you would if you were physically working next to each other.”


– Lewis, UX Designer & Storyteller

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5. Slack makes communication fast!

“…Slack finds that sweet spot and easily allows you to quickly communicate and share files without any friction.”

Using Slack makes me sad when I have to use any other medium. IM/iMessage is fast, but it’s too simplistic and group messaging is frustrating and referencing old messages is a pain. Email is so formal and time-consuming, since mostly I just want to ask a quick question or share a simple file for feedback. Slack finds that sweet spot and easily allows you to quickly communicate and share files without any friction. Once they (slack) add video/audio calls it’s game over for everything else.”


– Nick, Brand & Identity Designer at Perfect

If you haven’t tried Slack yet, go to and check it out. Once you go to “Slack” you won’t go back.