With Apple’s announcement of tvOS, I decided to mockup a reimagined Google Nest for AppleTV. Please note that this is just a concept, and the examples shown are not intended to be “production ready”.
On the climate screen where you can select the temperature, I thought it would be cool to use the gesture surface of the AppleTV remote to change the temperature.

And if you haven’t guessed, we design for Apple tvOS too 🙂

1-Login 1-Login

Climate Home Screen, which also includes “nest protect”.

2-Climate-Home 2-Climate-Home

This screen lets you choose whether you are away or home.

2-Climate-Options Swap 2-Climate-Options Swap

On this screen the selected thermostat displays a slide-in screen which lets you change the temperature with a rotation gesture on the new apple tv remote control.

2a-Climate-Detail 2a-Climate-Detail

Nest’s “dropcam” would be presented in a way where users can individually look at each stream or open a camera grid to view all cameras simultaneously.

3-Camera-Home 3-Camera-Home

Live Camera feed with a camera selector overlay accessible on gesture swipe.

4-Camera-Live 4-Camera-Live

Camera Grid View

5-Camera-Grid 5-Camera-Grid

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